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Julius Originals
Yes, it’s a world-famous, one-of-kind drink with a secret ingredient. Yet, somehow, we’ve whipped up this delicious new version. Well, if that’s wrong, we don’t want to be right! The way we see it, as Orange Julius® Fans, we’re just spreading the wealth.

Premium Fruit Smoothies
This incredibly refreshing and invigorating drink is blended with real fruit and low fat yogurt, and you can add fresh banana or a protein boost to it. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT settle for anything less. You’re already a fan? Fantastic.

Light Smoothies
It’s blended to order with no yogurt, artificial sweeteners or flavors. So just a heads-up. It just may cause you to do a happy dance. Get your groove on.
*Light Smoothies contain 1/3 fewer calories than regular smoothies. Per 8 fl. oz. our Light Smoothies have 100 calories versus regular smoothies at 140 calories.

Julius® Originals, Premium Fruit Smoothies and Light Smoothies are all available in Berry-Pomegranate, Piña Colada, OrangeBerry, Tripleberry, Strawberry, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, or Orange flavors.


And More

Coffee and your flavor of choice blended with creamy DQ® vanilla soft serve and ice, and garnished with whipped topping. The ultimate coffee drink!
Available in Mocha, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, or Caramel flavors

Frozen Hot Chocolates
Rich fudge blended with creamy DQ® vanilla soft serve, the flavoring of your choice and ice, garnished with whipped topping.
Available in Peanut Butter, Double Fudge or Caramel flavors

Lemonade has never been so cool. We take our sweet and juicy lemonade, then freeze it into a slushy, sippable drink.
Available in Lemonade, or Strawberry Lemonade flavors

Arctic Rush
A cool and refreshing slushy drink available in cherry and other fruit flavors.
Available in Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, or Grape flavors

We also serve Pepsi products in our self serve fountain

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